Mahamrityunjay mantra

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Chants

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About Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Mrityunjaya mantra is found in the oldest Vedic literature, the Rig Veda (7.59.12). This mantra is generally recited as Mahamrityunjaya mantra since both of them are almost the same.

The Maha Mrityunjaya mantra is the nourishing, healing, and life restoring mantra deriving from the Rig Veda and is considered the heart of the Vedas. In Sanskrit, “Maha” means great, “Mrityun” means death, and “Jaya” means victory. Of course, every living thing eventually dies. Through the practice of reciting this mantra we obtain victory over the fear of death. We realize that the deathless Divine Being is who we really are.

The practice of the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra sends forth vibrations from body to mind to soul. It awakens the internal healing forces and Nature’s healing forces together so that we may receive the full nourishment of any discipline undertaken for well-being. Strengthening the powers of will, knowledge and action, it unblocks the flow of courage and determination. The scriptures guarantee that, through sincere practice, we clear away obstacles and attain freedom from weaknesses (the fear of death being the greatest) by making the strong part of ourselves even stronger.


  • Oath
  • Ganesh Ambika Panchamrat Abhishek
  • Rudrabhishek of Lord Vriddha Mahakal 
  • Pledge, meditation and practising of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra by Brahmins
  • Chanting of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra begins
  • Dashant Havan (Offering prayers to God in front of fire)\
  • 44 prayers of Navagraha with Samidha and Havan of Lord Rudra
  • Carrying on Rudra Sukta where 108 offerings of 66 mantras of the 5th chapter of Rudrashtha will be completed
  • Guggal offering for disease prevention and eradication
  • Yellow mustard offerings for defeating and blocking enemies
  • Offerings of Lotus Seeds (kamal gatta) for wealth attainment and smooth running of business
  • Offerings for atonement/penance
  • Digpal/Kshetrapal Worship: - 10 flour lamps are to be made, lit with a ghee light made of cottonwool and are to be filled with a mix of urad dal, vermillion (sindoor) and curd. These lamps are placed in all 10 directions near the havan. These lamps are offered to Lord Indra in the east, Lord Agni (Fire) in the south-east (aagneya), Ghosts and other entities in nairatya (south-west), Lord Yama in the south, Lord Varun (Water) in the west, Lord Vayu (Air) in north-west. Lord Kuber in the north, Lord Rudra in Ishaan (north-east), Lord Brahma in Aakash (Zenith) and Ananta in bhoomi (Nadir).
  • Kshetrapal Worship
  • Poornahuti - Done by offering ghee in a coconut semi-sphere.
  • Offerings (naivedya) to God - aarti, mantra, pushpanjali, kshamastuti recital, recital of the 5 hymns

Importance of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Chants at Mahakal

  • Maha Mrityunjaya pooja is useful to overcome chronic and life-threatening diseases and to improve the health of the individual tremendously.
  • This pooja also results in the creation of a protective shield for the performer’s family.
  • It also increases the lifespan of the devotee who performs it.
  • The very powerful pooja helps to overcome all the issues and problems in one’s life by eradicating all the evil effects from life.
  • This pooja can also assist in achieving professional success and lead an ambitious life.
  • Chanting of this mantra during pooja will also unblock the energy points in the body providing peace.
  • Moreover, this is also useful in overcoming the ill effects of the planets in the birth horoscope.